POST TDWG2004 The LinneanCore is being actively discussed and developed as a schema for taxonomic names on its own WIKI.

Also see a post TDWG2004 Discussion here: TCSAndTheLinneanCore

PRE TDWG 2004......

Our Comments

-- TrevorPaterson & RobertKukla 01 September

The LinnaeanCore schema has been propodes as a model schema for transferring information about taxonomic names. As we have elaborated elsewhere TCS does not represent names independently, but rather as a component of a Taxon Concept. This does allow names to be represented with minimally defined 'Nomenclatural Concepts' that only hold a name component and no further definition elements.

For full discussion see

The TCS schema should be able to represent information in the LinnaeanCore model of names, primarily by expressing relationships between concept (which have names, and therefore can capture relationships purrely between the names of concepts). The full list of relationships that can be expressed between concepts is still under consideration - see section 2.3 of the documentation and TaxonConceptsRelationshipTypes.

For example

Other information in LC is represented in the TCS Rank, Kingdom and Name elements (and its child elements) (e.g. Full Name, CanonicalName?, Breed/Cultivar, Hybrid etc.)

It would be useful if reviewers could pinpoint any relationships that appear to be lacking in TCS that would be required to represent nomenclatural information present in LC.