In order to develop an abstract model that encompasses how various data providers and users represent Taxon Concepts the schema development team from Napier University (JessieKennedy and RobertKukla) held face-to-face meetings throughout early 2004 with a variety of the interested parties. Brief notes from these meetings are provided (below), and the schema model was developed in the light of Napier's understanding of how each of the different users and providers wished and required to model their own data.

  1. Vegbank (notes)and Taxonomer (notes) groups Santa Barbara, 22-25th January 2004
  2. Berlin Model group (notes), Berlin 26-27th Feb 2004
  3. GBIF (notes), Copenhagen 16-17th Feb 2004
  4. Nomencurator (notes), London 29th Mar 2004
  5. Species 2000 (notes), London 30th Mar 2004
  6. ITIS (notes), Edinburgh 9th May 2004
  7. IPNI (notes), London 9th Jun 2004

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