This version sees major changes in the way LinneanCore has been combined with TCS.

1) NameObjects? are introduced as top level objects for representing nomenclatural entities in a tightly defined way. NameObjects? are based on LinneanCore ScientificName? objects but with changes to prevent overlap of functionality with TaxonConcepts?.

2) Relationships between TaxonConcepts? that used to be used for nomenclatural relationships have been removed as they can now be expressed using NameObjects? and minor changes have been made to the way names are represented in TaxonConcepts?.

3) Much (though still not enough) documentation has been added to the schema.

4) A new development process has been established. The schema is accompanied by an example.xml instance document. This instance documents acts as both an illustration of how the schema can be used and also as a test case to check that changes to the schema do not break existing functionality. The example document is versioned along with the schema and should always validate against it.

5) An issue tracker has been established to manage bugs and change releases.

6) From this stage on we hope to only be dealing with only minor changes to the schema and how it is used. Most issues should be dealt with by improving the documentation - which is not really there yet.

7) As and experiment and HTML version of the schema documenation generated using the Oxygen XML editor is included in the docs directory.