don’t you feel that ‘Taxon Concept’ is a more direct, clean, title than ‘Taxonomic Concept’? The first makes it clear that the concept is of the taxon. The second could be of any component of taxonomic work, such as a type, collection or whatever. And its shorter.


Taxon concept transfer Schema is fine by us.


Actually, I'm not sold on this. We use the term "concept" quite sloppily. It just seems to work that way. Sometimes by saying "concept" we refer to a real entity out there, other times to a (more or less sophisticated) hypothesis in the mind of, and expressed by, a taxonomist, and still other times it's a database item: a name sec. a reference. Geoffroy & Berendsohn's 2003 hold these things apart, but within our group we're less disciplined.

(1) Names are part of (2) concepts which are supposed to refer to (3) taxa (though they're also database items in a related context). Since our emphasis is really on (2), that's more taxonomy than it is nature, to overstate the case. So I would think that "taxonomic concept" properly expresses the idea that this is something that taxonomists produce, rather than a natural taxon. That taxon is merely being referred to by the concept.