This page contains links to different versions of the schema.

XSD schemas will display in any XML viewer such as InternetExplorer, but best viewed with XML editing software such as XMLSpy. The file ABCDNameTypes.xsd is a required inclusion for all schema versions. It is an XSD schema fragment derived from the TDWG ABCD schema, reproducing a standard representation of scientific names.

(Note: in the absence of good (expensive) software the XMLSpy-formatted documentation is the most accessible representation of the schema. This is available for the StrawMan and DraftStandard schemas.)

early versions (SEEK)

experimental versions (internal)

schema under discussion (public)

experimental versions (internal)

new schema version for public discussion (half-way to TDWG meeting)

schema version for public discussion at TDWG meeting

schema version for SEEK

The current version of the ABCDNameTypes.xsd. Taken from ABCD v 1.30 by RobertKukla and editted to remove types that are irrelevant for TDWG, this XSD is specified as an XSD include in the TCSchema

experimental schema version to incorporate (a modified) LinneanCore as the Name Element

version of the Schema submitted to the TDWG Executive Committee 20th March 2005