1. Document Page 5, Hierarchical relationships contains "is child of" and "is parent of". I suggest to change them as "is part of" and "includes" respectively, for distinction from phylogenetic relationship. -- JamesYtow 12 Aug

We have suggested a number of 'types' of relationships that can be made - recorded as attribute @type for assertions and relationships. This list is not exhaustive and we are not taxonomists :-), so should be considered open for revision. Also the definitions given in the documentation are not nescessarily from taxonomic experts..... I would consider the relationships "is part of" and "includes" to be more general than the hierarchical child/parent relationships. see TaxonConceptsRelationshipTypes --TrevorPaterson 12 Aug

How about "is higher of" and "is lower of", then? -- JamesYtow 12 Aug 2004 (UTC)

We weren't aware that "is child of" and "is parent of" are used in phylogenetic relationships and there is a danger of confusion here. However, as Trevor says, I think a we need to find terms that also express the fact that these are hierarchical relationships, not just set operations. --RobertKukla 12/8/04

I would vote against "is higher of" and "is lower of". I also believe that "is child of" and "is parent of" in phylogenetic discussions are no specific terms, but relate to a very generic tree discussion usage of these terms. -- This does not mean that the use in TCS is necessarily ideal - perhaps exactly because the terms are too general and need definition as to how to use them. However, James, can you give more specific examples why the use in TCS is confusing and the use in phylogenetics is specifically defined? -- Gregor Hagedorn, 13.8.2004

Gregor-- simply because ordinary users aren't so keen to definition of fields/terminologies or whatever in each context. I think making terms more obvious/less confusive is the best way to encourage potential contributors. If we can choose better words from ordinary vocabulary, we should do it to reduce unexpected/implicit confusion/misunderstandings. When I talk about hieracy tree comparison, I always need to explain difference between phlogenetic tree and mathematical tree structure including hiearchical one. --JamesYtow, 13 Aug. 2004 (UTC)