Currently TCS uses DataSet as the root element, a higher level container DataSets would match the design of the ABCD Schema which now uses Units/Unit. The SDD proposal v1.0 now has DescriptiveData as the root element. The proposed UBIF Metadata/Container Schema proposal also has a DataSets/DataSet proposal. Possibley the simplest integrated design approach would be to use ABCDDataSet, SDDDataSet, TCSDataSet as the root element for each schemas. TrevorPaterson 12 Aug

Sounds like a sensible idea to me. --RobertKukla 12/8/04

Aren't they under different name spaces? -- JamesYtow 13 Aug. 2004 (UTC)

The UBIF idea is to have a common Dataset/Dataset root structure. Inside Dataset you find two kind of metadata (technical derication and content Metadata) plus the EDI (ExternalDataInterface) and an freely named single payload element at the end. EDI contains lists of publications, specimen/unit vouchers, geographical name records, agent /person descriptions etc. The format for these proxy objects, which form a simplified interface to either external data, or provide a stand-in if no external source currently exists, should be agreed between all standard groups. For TCS this would mean to provide input how the UBIF Publication and Unit structures should be changed so that they could replace the current TCS Publication and Voucher design. -- So, it is not correct that the SDD root is DescriptiveData?, this is the element used as payload inside the UBIF Datasets/Dataset structure. Gregor Hagedorn 13.8.2004