The Release version of the Schema (TCS_1.01) incorporating minor changes to the Final version of the Schema (TCS_1.0) following the St Petersburg meeting with previous versions developed from the initial version (TCS0.95) submitted on 20th March 2005.

ReleaseVersion - the version of the Schema to be released following ballot closing on the 23rd October 2005. Please see tracker for changes made to the schema or TCS1.01_Change_List for a summary.

VotingDraftFinal - the version of the Schema submitted to the TDWG Executive Committee 1st July 2005 for voting in St Petersburg. No more changes will be made prior to the meeting. Please also see VotingDraftDocumentationFinal or VotingDraftFinalDocumentation for a readable presentation of the schema, UserGuide for an explanantion of how to use the schema and VotingDraftFinalExample|? for an example document. The issues which have been noted and actioned are on the tracker.

VotingDraft3 - version 0.95.3. This version is the result of the resolution of the issues raised on the tracker 12/5/2005

VotingDraft2 - version 0.95.2 of the Schema with Name Objects as top level elements. Please also see VotingDraftReleaseNotes for an overview of the changes,VotingDraft2ExampleDocument for an example document and VotingDraftDocumentation2 for documentation on the schema.

VotingDraft - version 0.95 of the Schema submitted to the TDWG Executive Committee 20th March 2005. Please also see VotingDraftDocumentation for a readable presentation of the schema.