I cut and pasted Gregor's comments on our omission of Sanctioning as a type of relationship to here... -- TrevorPaterson

NOMENCLATURAL RELATIONSHIPS: CONSIDERED BUT NOT USED: "sanctioning (only fungi): Unsure of use - does it refer to use of 'ex' Author?"

No. It refers to a special kind of automatic name conservation for names that have been used in the publications of two specific authors (Persoon and Fries) and in defined taxonomic scopes. The reason for this is that the works of these authors used to be the starting point of nomenclature for most fungal groups. This was recently backdated to the common Linnean 1753 date, but with special treatment for names in these works (i.e. not only names published new in these works!). Examples: "Abortiporus biennis (Bulliard : Fries) Singer", "Agaricus campestris Linnaeus : Fries". The colon is the standard indication of sanctioning.

Gregor Hagedorn, 12. August 2004